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Time to dust down the cameras.

26th March 2021
Finally, as we reach the end of March there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel.  Although my first gig is not until the end of April, I am looking forward to promoting my business and spending

Watching & Waiting

17th February 2021
Like you guy's, its a case of watching the news bulletins and waiting to see how and when the Covid-19 restrictions, are going to be slackened a little bit. This year will hopefully be much better and

December 2020

22nd December 2020
I think we will all be pleased to see the back of this year, although it has I believe, taught us a lot about ourselves and how we can manage life differently. So what will 2021 bring?  Renewed hope

Lockdown 2020 x2

15th November 2020
Finally I am free of my old retail job and can throw myself into the photography 100% Just not great timing with the second lockdown of the year in force!  However this give me time to showcase the

Post covid

3rd September 2020
Wow....this year sure has been challenging!  Lots of changes for everyone, some good, others not so good but hopefully we will all come through this time of change with a positive attitude to life & how we want to live it from now on......... So, it was back to work in July. There was thankfully the fabulous Adventure Riding Club managed to start putting on events. These are so well managed


22nd March 2020
Who ever could have foreseen such chaos......... I really do hope for all our sakes that this virus disappears as quickly as it arrived!  I would like to wish all my clients & friends a healthy

December 1st already!!

1st December 2019
I would like to thank each and every one of my customers for making it another fantastic year. Thank you to all the lovely organisers who have asked me to attend their event, thank you to Steve and Wendy

August 2019

23rd August 2019
The summer has been a mixed bag weather wise!  Still we needed the rain, didn't we lol Its great to see that Adventure Riding Club has been well supported again this year and I can see why.......

Summer Fun

26th June 2019
Ok, so the weather has not been as hot and sunny as we may want but to be honest, I think it suits the equines and their riders, when it comes to competition time! Not only have I been lucky enough to

February 2019

7th February 2019
It is true. The older you get the faster the time goes because 2019 is advancing rapidly!!  Here are a couple of images from an indoor jumping event and the photoshoot (which was at a tropical -1 degree) +
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