Only a few snaps!

24th January 2024 1 min read

I do get asked how much will it cost to "take a few snaps" at a wedding or of someone's pet or at an event.

For years I have always tried to charge fairly and on many occasions too cheaply!!

So I am going to clarify just what goes into taking those "few snaps"

1. I am running a business, which is registered with HMRC.

2. Accountancy fee's.

3. Business Insurance (to cover the equipment & public liability etc).

4. Mobile phone cost.

5. Website hosting.

6. Internet costs.

7. Electricity costs.

8. Fuel & maintenance of my car.

9. Maintaining and replacing Camera's, lenses, memory cards, batteries and the list goes on. 

10. Renting & purchasing the best editing software available.

**All of the above is even before I start a job**

11. Time (travelling to and from the appointment plus the photography time).

12. Processing and post production of the images.

13. Editing of the images.

14. Liaising with the client via emails or text.

15. Sending your digital images over the internet

Please now understand why "I don't just take a few snaps"