Sunday's thought

15th May 2022 2 min read

Here I am this overcast Sunday 15th May, working in the office preparing photo's from two recent event's, ready to be sent for processing later this evening. 
Maybe this is a good time to sit and tell you what it is really like on the other side of the lens!!
When I cover an "Event" it's all about preparing the camera equipment ready for the days preceding's. On the day of the event, I will always allow time to travel to and arrive at the venue in good time before the class's begin.                                                  Most times there is only a slim chance to stop for refreshments or a toilet break!  My aim is to get the best shots where possible. I will always endeavour to keep background distractions to a minimum.  So after a full 7 hours of taking photos, it's then the travel home!
No nice relaxing Sunday evening with a glass of wine and watching TV!    
It's nose to the grindstone to sift through approx 1K images, picking the best of the best and I do look at each individual image chosen.  After selecting the images I have to create folders for each class or category, the images are then divided between the folders. Once all the folders are ready I then put the images through the process of "watermarking". Once again each class or category has to have its own "wm" folder.  Now that the photos are sorted it is time to create the galleries on my website! Each gallery is individual to the Event and Class due to the URL information. Finally after 18 hours your photos are ready and live on the website, what's next? I link the photo galleries to my Facebook page, Instagram and the event organisers Facebook page too.

The cost of living for everyone is beyond ridiculous and I am keeping my prices to an absolute minimum. High res Digital file £10 each or 3 for £20! 5x7 Mounted Print £8.00 8x10 Mounted Print £12.50 There is a one off P&P charge of £4.00 on print orders. 
Maybe I am my own worst enemy but I do not factor in the cost of my insurance, the running of the website, the SSL certificate to make it a safe site to purchase through, my DBS certificate or the cost of fuel. Can you imagine how much more the products would cost!!  
Understandably I do get a little annoyed when "screenshots" of the photos in the galleries are and shared around like its an ok thing to do. 
So bottom line is I DO NOT get paid by the organisers to cover their event! They ask me to cover but the only way I can earn a living (this is my only income) is by you lovely lot making a purchase.
As you may now appreciate, life behind the lens is not glamorous or very profitable........