Watching & Waiting

17th February 2021 1 min read

Like you guy's, its a case of watching the news bulletins and waiting to see how and when the Covid-19 restrictions, are going to be slackened a little bit.

This year will hopefully be much better and we will get a little more freedom of movement to go out and do what we enjoy!

The best thing for me this year is that I am now 100% 'Self Employed'

This will however see a minor change with my pricing. I will NOT be increasing any of my standard Photoshoot prices, nor will I increase the prices on my Digital files or printed photos! 

I will however possibly need to increase the cost of postage but will only implement this if necessary. The only other increase will be on any 'Promotional Priced' Photoshoots. But again they will remain at a very competitive rate and you will receive exceptional value for money.

Here's looking forward to a bright and happy 2021 xx