Time for a change!

1st December 2022 1 min read

As many of you well know, I have been taking photos at Horse and Dog shows for the past 8 years and it all started because a very dear friend of mine asked me to photograph at a show she was running.....The rest they say is history!

Now after many years of enjoying the event scene, I have decided to have a break from the long days, followed by more long days of sorting, editing & watermarking photographs and prepping galleries on my website.  Only to find that a number of people thought it was ok the screenshot my photographs and plaster them all over social media, without actually making a purchase.  Sadly it is this minority who have had a hand in my decision.


To those who have supported me along the way by purchasing prints, digital files and even booking me for photoshoots and recommending me "THANK YOU" You have kept me going and made the journey a great one.

"Going forward" as they say, I am concentrating my efforts into photoshoots, wether they be Equine, pet or family! 

For the rest of 2022 they will remain at £70. Moving into 2023 although still under review I will be increasing the price but as ever you will receive great service, friendly and enjoyable photoshoots, plus excellent value for money too!

I am signing off now and would like to, again say "Thank you" for those who have supported my business. Have the best Christmas and may 2023 be a happy, healthy and enjoyable one.......

Kerry xx