January challange

8th January 2023 1 min read

Ok, so welcome 2023 and we all know it will bring different challenges into our everyday lives........ And I have had my first one already!

I was asked by a client using their own photos, to put together a composite image . This included 4 horses and riders, which had to be cut out from their original photo, added onto a different background and blended in. Then seven different lots of text was added onto the image, spotlighting was added over each individual horse and rider and finally a frame was also added . I was then asked  for an individual composite to be made with just one horse and rider. It was almost the same process, less the frame being added.

Not only that, they wanted me to sign the images and another big learn on how to make my signature into a copyright!

It was a massive learning curve but I really did enjoy the process and the learning of new skills.

I am of the understanding that these images will be submitted for publication in a Riding Club Magazine!