Post covid

3rd September 2020 1 min read

Wow....this year sure has been challenging! 

Lots of changes for everyone, some good, others not so good but hopefully we will all come through this time of change with a positive attitude to life & how we want to live it from now on.........

So, it was back to work in July. There was thankfully the fabulous Adventure Riding Club managed to start putting on events. These are so well managed and it was great to get back out doing what I love the most.

I took the decision to offer all photoshoots for just £50 each, that was my best decision ever. July and August were absolutely manic, working 20 days without a break was testing but hey I'm here to tell the tale.

I guess September will be quieter with the children returning back to school, however I am still offering the PHOTOSHOOTS @ £50 until the end of the year ..........